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A mom of three, I love writing about this parenting journey - complete with laughter, disasters, mess, and glimpses of glory, all viewed through the eyes of grace. My hope is that you might be inspired, challenged, and encouraged along the way.

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Traci Schumacher's recent blog posts

Excellence found in Chatham County public schools

posted by Traci Schumacher @ 05/23/14 10:39 AM

So it's the last day of school for Chatham County public school kids. Let summer begin! Oddly enough, as I drove my kids to school this morning for their last day of 4th and 3rd grades, they ... [more]

Happy Mother's Day!!

posted by Traci Schumacher @ 05/11/14 1:00 PM

Happy Mother's Day, ladies!! Even as you treasure your children, you are a treasure to them, whether they understand that now or not. Keep up the good work, and know that you are treasured. [more]

Why we celebrate our family story

posted by Traci Schumacher @ 04/29/14 10:01 AM

This weekend my husband and I treated our kids to ice cream at Dairy Queen as part of our little guy's birthday celebration weekend. As we sat around the table with our cool treats, our ... [more]

Which Facebook quiz are you?

posted by Traci Schumacher @ 04/10/14 12:45 PM

Have you taken any of the numerous quizzes on Facebook? By answering a few questions, you can discover what movie character you are, the country or city you should live in, what kind of parent you ... [more]

Living with Superman

posted by Traci Schumacher @ 04/04/14 11:10 AM

You probably didn't know this, but I live with Superman. Most of the time he is undercover as a preschooler who goes by the name Evan. But then duty calls, and he transforms into his superhuman ... [more]