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Rethinking Resolutions

posted by kgillyard @ 12/30/12 6:29 PM

Its that time of the year again, everyone is asking what your New Year Resolution is going to be. Lose weight, stop smoking, read a whole book, clean some forgotten area of the house... they are ... [more]

A Lesson About Kids and Apps

posted by kgillyard @ 12/21/12 3:01 PM

I thought I would share a lesson I learned this week about letting my 5 year old watch movies on my Kindle. So, since I have a Kindle my bank account is link up to it so that I can purchase items. ... [more]

Lifes Little Bumps!

posted by kgillyard @ 12/19/12 4:35 PM

Ok, so its the last week of school before Christmas Holidays. The kids have parties, projects, and now bumps to spare. This was my week: Monday a project where me daughter had to dress as ... [more]

Is Your List of Gifts Longer Than Santa's?

posted by kgillyard @ 12/10/12 4:25 PM

Tis the season to feel overwhelmed with gift giving. I am mainly speaking about the people you encounter outside of your family on a regular basis.  I wanted to share some ideas to save some ... [more]

Tis the Season For The Flu......

posted by kgillyard @ 12/06/12 11:13 AM

Along with all the other madness of this holiday season, it time for the Flu, Strep, and Runny Noses! Yesterday I got the call from the school nurse about my daughter having a red and pussy ... [more]