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I am a Blue Hen. That means I grew up in the same state as Christine O'Donnell. My school cafeteria didn't serve lead paint chips though. I have lived in Savannah since 2001. My husband is so supportive you'd think he was made of under wire. My beautiful son just turned crossed the 10 month threshold this October.

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Rattled: A 3-year-old boy's best friend is a rare find

Rattled: A 3-year-old boy's best friend is a rare find

posted by Christine Fuller Lucas @ 01/12/13 12:58 PM

Do you ever look at your 3-year-old son and think, what am I going to do with you? Consider this column an infomercial for a rare find not sold on TV. Image:  ... [more]

Savannah charities reach out to families of infants in need

posted by Christine Fuller Lucas @ 12/03/12 10:41 AM

The Telfair Birthplace at St. Joseph’s Candler just received its first donation of hand-sewn outfits from the new Savannah chapter of the Threads of Love Foundations. More Images:  ... [more]

Rattled: Moving from couples life to kid on a tear

posted by Christine Fuller Lucas @ 10/20/12 8:04 AM

A while back I wrote about moving to Wilmington Island and how fantastic it was going to be. But when we walked through this house with the real estate agent, it had been vacant and newly painted. [more]

Rattled: Coming to peace with meditation in the presence of a screaming toddler

posted by Christine Fuller Lucas @ 09/10/12 9:44 AM

The last time I had a true zest for learning was when I was expecting, and it manifested in a holy crap search for every bit of information that might help me, that might save me from the great ... [more]

Sugar mommy to a 'Pretty Woman'

posted by Christine Fuller Lucas @ 08/13/12 9:52 AM

Yesterday I showed up at day care to hear some unexpected news: Elliot closed his upper lip in a door. I looked over at him, and the poor bugger looked like Julia Roberts. That’s a lot of lip for ... [more]