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First day after the break

by Traci Schumacher on Wed, 01/04/2012 - 10:50pm

So it was the first day back to school for my kiddos today. Amazingly, after waking up before 7:30 for most of the break, both of my school kids could barely open their eyes at 7:30 this morning. They were sooo tired! It was quite pitiful.

I thought they both needed to go to bed much earlier tonight to help them get off to a better start tomorrow. Of course, by the evening they were bouncing off the walls and having a grand time with all the energy in the world. It's always tricky when the routine changes. We'll see how tomorrow goes...

Summer Camp Disappointment

by The Coastal Mommie on Mon, 03/30/2009 - 5:36pm

I am truly disappointed by the great number of summer camps the Savannah Area has to offer..... How am I supposed to choose? The Ymca, all of the private schools, the City, small business start ups.....Just WAY to many to get my head around. Ok I have my favorites like, the cooking school for kids, the dance classes, or Gymnastics at the Summit, but what does my 6 year old BOY want to do? I don't think he wants to make cookies and Quiche all week, but should he rough house at football camp?

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