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How my 4-year-old's expectations changed the value of a quarter

by Traci Schumacher on Tue, 03/18/2014 - 11:12am

So my children were all playing on electronics recently when I told them it was time to move on to other pursuits. My 4-year-old promptly logged off the computer while his older sister and brother tried to wrap up their games.

I happened to have a quarter in my pocket, so just for fun I gave it to my little guy as a spontaneous reward for being the first to do as I had asked. I do not usually reward my kids like that for simply doing what I ask. I expected him to be happy with the little gift.

Could Stickers Be the Key to Better Behavior?

by Traci Schumacher on Thu, 09/09/2010 - 9:18pm

Lately I've been having trouble with my 4-year-old son misbehaving, not listening, and generally getting into mischief. So, as of today, I have officially begun Parenting by Bribery. Sure I've used occasional bribes in the past, but now we have a formal system of “rewards” for good behavior, and the potential for my highly competitive son to be outdone by his older sister.

How to be a Proud Mommie

by Health and Well... on Thu, 08/20/2009 - 1:01am

Dear Lovely Mommies,

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