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FREE Family Fun: October 6 - 12

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"Invisible Children" Documentary Screening

"Invisible Children" Documentary Screening

CMT Casting "The World's Strictest Parents"

Do you know some strict moms?

CMT is casting for "The World's Strictest Parents"

hit CMT series, "The World's Strictest Parents" are looking to cast
parents with firm household rules who are raising ambitious teens to
act as a host family to more difficult teens, as well as teens who
would like to experience living with another family.

Things To Do: Savannah Children's Theatre zany play and a birthday party

I love receiving the Savannah Children's Theatre newsletter. Here's some fun stuff they've got coming up:

Healthy food ideas: Breakfast

Here's three things I like to do with my preschooler to start the day off right:

Add snipped "greens" to his eggs: Cilantro, parsely, basil, etc...whatever is green and on hand, I try to give him for the awesome, super-food phytochemicals. Added into his scrambled eggs and cheese it goes down easy.

Sweet Potatoe Pancakes: The just-add-water mix is available at Kroger. Not super cheap, but super easy and Little H eats them up!

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