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Funny New Words To Describe Kids

Have you noticed that your kids exhibit traits, behaviors and ideals that the dictionary lacks words to describe? I have. SO i made up words to describe them.

For instance: A child who refuses to cooperate for the family photograph is a KODICK.

a DRINKLE is the liquid burst emitted from the little straw when your kid squeezes their juicebox too tightly.

See video here for more:


Funny Things Kids Say

"Mama, I didn't drown and I didn't go to the center of the Earth".

Said little H. as he came over to the
grown folks, he was soaking wet and laughing.  He had just "slipped" off the low brick wall into the shallow
fish pond at a friend's courtyard dinner party.

He sounded genuinely surprised that the fish pond didn't go to the center of the earth.

The great ideas and word play that kids come up with are so charming.

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