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Practically Free Books!

I love books. I love bargains. I love

Give a book, get a book it's that simple. I posted 10 books I don't care to give away (all in good condition) and received 2 free credits. Each book is worth a credit. People asked for my books and I mailed them out. I asked other people for their books and they mailed them to me.

The most money I've spent on postage is $3 and the least I've spent is $1.78. I can even pay for the postage online and print it from my computer to save a trip to the post office.

I ordered books for my kids curriculum. I found my favorite reads. They have just about everything and I even set up a wishlist for the books they don't have yet.

They also have DVDSwap and CDSwap though I haven't tried those yet.

Happy reading!

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We love paperbackswap too!

What a genius system. I love the label printing for the envelopes and the wishlist feature is wonderful - so fun when a book you want becomes available.

Buying credits and wishlists

By now I rarely have a book request, most people have already snapped up the good books I had and I just have things left that no one likes but that doesn't stop me. I just buy the book credits and it still is cheaper than Amazon at 3.50 a credit. I've purchased $40 Norton Anthologies for $3! I agree the wishlist is really great.