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Healthy food ideas: Breakfast

Here's three things I like to do with my preschooler to start the day off right:

Add snipped "greens" to his eggs: Cilantro, parsely, basil, etc...whatever is green and on hand, I try to give him for the awesome, super-food phytochemicals. Added into his scrambled eggs and cheese it goes down easy.

Sweet Potatoe Pancakes: The just-add-water mix is available at Kroger. Not super cheap, but super easy and Little H eats them up!

Frozen berries in smoothies: This is a reliable standbye. Bags of frozen berries are affordable and offer lots of great natural sweetness. With a ripe banana and a little yogurt in the blender, this breakfast can be eaten in the car.

Now it's your turn, please!

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Healthy food ideas

1.Here is what I feed DS (dear son).  I have the same idea with the eggs but I usually put cut up spinich.  The Spinich is normally cooked with the eggs but the last time I did it (because I'm trying to put more raw food in my diet) I didn't cook them.  DS still ate them.  Of course there was cheese in them as well.  I also put garlic in the spinich and egss.

I have also used chopped up kale and eggs and cheese.

To all the mommies who want to add more leafy veggies without  being too obvious about it you can cut up spinich, kale, or whatever light tasting green and put it in the freezer.  When you are cooking pretty much anything.  The kids will never know.  I've used this idea for things like speghetti, eggs, rice and beans, any ground beef: tacos, meatloaf....anything.

I have even put cut up kale in smoothies.

2.We do smoothies a lot for breakfast or just first thing in the morning. Whatever fruit we have laying around, yogurt, a little juice and a tiny bit of flaxseed.


3.  I never fail with oatmeal.  When ds was younger I sweetened the oatmeal with fruit and I want to get back doing that.  I also at a tiny bit of flaxseed at the end after cooking.  hmmm maybe I'll add