For moms in Savannah and the Coastal Empire

Baby Shower Games & MORE!

Babynames. com has a very neat baby shower games finder that is now linked to our coastalmommies site.

Simply go to the resources page, and click on the link that says "Baby Shower Games".  There are hundreds of super cute games that I wish I had known of when I threw a shower for a friend a few years ago!

*To get to the resources page, scroll to the top of page you are on now, and click on "resources".

There are also tons of other interesting and helpful links on this page as well, such as a due date calculator, name of the day information, schools in the area, farmers markets in the state, daycare violations in the area, and much more!

Feel free to give feedback on the information as well, and let us know what other kind of information you would like to see on here!

user comments


Yeah, i found them to be very interesting and good time pass games, thanks for the resource work.
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