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Books for the Beach

It's time to pick  a  paperback for under the beach umbrella...

I usually like book recommendation lists like this:

but nothing beats a good any?

I usually I like nonfiction - biographies, etc, but I know that for real escapism, nothing beats a novel.

I just finished The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. It's well-written and subtly educational -  but way too tragic for summer fun. I prefer not to cry at the beach!

Any other book lovers out there? I know it's hard to find the time with munchkins around, but moms, what are y'all reading this summer?

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Funny book ...

A couple friends recommended Julie and Julia by Julie Powell ... the movie version of the story is coming out with Amy Adams and Meryl Streep.

Fun, yum

I looked it up on Amazon - I love books about cooking!

Amazon Link: "Julie & Julia is the story of Julie Powell's attempt to
revitalize her marriage, restore her ambition, and save her soul by
cooking all 524 recipes in Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Volume I, in a period of 365 days"

about cooking remind me of books about sailing - I love to read about
it, but don't really get my hands wet too often - hahaha.