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lunch ideas - too much peanut butter?

I'm starting to feel negligent - the only time Little H eats his lunch is when it's peanut butter . He'll eat all the other stuff too - yogurt, fruit, crackers, juice - but the only allowable sandwich is PB - he doesn't even want the jelly anymore.

I know his teachers aren't keeping score of what he brings each day - but I get the feeling that there's got to be a LIMIT on the number of times I can send him to school with peanut butter sandwiches.

What do you pack in your kid's lunch?


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Try getting teacher

Try getting teacher testimonials and see what they think and what your child really eats at school. Maybe he eats sometimes else or exchanges his sandwiches with someone else.

Lunch ideas

Well, one thing I do, because I have the same problem (peanut butter and jelly EVERYDAY), is use the peanut butter in different ways like with cut up apply slices.  Little M even get a kick out of spreading the peanut butter on the apple himself.   Or maybe peanut butter and crackers same thing. you could either make little sanwhiches or you could teach him and then let him spread it on the crackers himself.  It's fun.

I'm also going to start letting him get used to eating leftovers from the night before.  In a one dish style.  Because he doesn't eat things like lunch meat (which I'll be fine if he never eats that)  But tuna, and chickensalad either.  I've been eating those alot and he's been asking to taste them.    Until he likes to eat sandwhich salads, I vote for leftovers or you could make something simple like spaghetti to send with him.


I hope this is helpful.

very helpful!

 Very helpful, Violamom! I love the spaghetti idea!

One time I sent him to daycare with a bbq chicken leg from the night
before - still on the bone of c ourse - for some reason fellow parent
thought this was hilarious - Little H chomping on a chicken leg (do
their kids only eat the nuggets?)

love the left old

love the left old is your little one? i give my boys chicken wraps..left over grilled chicken or

any chicken really cut up with romaine, parm cheese and their fav dressing in a tortilla..they love it.