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Book Bunch: First novel selected!

Please join us as we start reading "Savannah Blues" by Mary Kay Andrews. We'll start reading and discussing the book on May 3! Have you officially joined the Book Bunch? If not click here!


Landing a catch like Talmadge Evans III got Eloise "Weezie" Foley a jewel of a town house in Savannahs historic district. Divorcing Tal got her exited to the backyard carriage house, where she has launched a spite-fest with Tal's new fiancée, the elegant Caroline DeSantos.

An antiques picker, Weezie combs Savannah's steamy back alleys and garage sales for treasures when she's not dealing with her loopy relatives or her hunky ex-boyfriend. But an unauthorized sneak preview at a sale lands Weezie smack in the middle of magnolia-scented murder, mayhem . . . and more. Dirty deals simmer all around her -- just as her relationship with the hottest chef in town heats up and she finds out how delicious love can be the second time around.


Mary Kay Andrews is the author of the New York Times bestselling "Savannah Breeze" and "Blue Christmas" (HarperCollins) as well as "Hissy fit," "Little Bitty Lies," and "Savannah Blues" (all HarperPerennial).

A former reporter for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, she wrote ten critically acclaimed mysteries, including the Callahan Garrity mystery series, under her "real" name, which is Kathy Hogan Trocheck.

A native of St. Petersburg, Florida, she started her professional journalism career in Savannah, Georgia, where she covered the real-life murder trials which were the basis of "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil."

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user comments

Late to join...

Hi! I just joined the Book Bunch. I see I am already behind on the first novel. I just placed an order for the book, Savannah Blues. I will do my best to get caught up with everyone so that I can join in on the discussions.

Looking forward to the discussions!

Leslie Johnson