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Contest: Tell us why you deserve a break

Let's face it. Moms are oftentimes the backbone of the family and have to wear many different hats. Not only are we nurturers, but we are cooks, nurses, teachers, providers and so much more!

Well, sometimes we deserve a break!

How about a dinner on us?

Tell why you deserve a break and you could win dinner on us. The winner will be chosen at random and will get a $25 restaurant gift card.

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I deserve a break

8kidsrus deserves a break! Sounds like she is the one really working hard and has her plate overflowing!Give her the gift certificate!

I deserve a break...

Hello there! I deserve a break because i am a mother of 8 children ..My oldest is 8, My husband has had a broken leg for almost 2 years now and has a picc line in his arm... I have been taking care of anyone and everything because with him on crutches he cant really chase after them or do much around here ya know and i never catch a breathe .. Not that i would change anything, but a cup of coffee with noone yelling or asking for anything.. Not sure how i would handle it but boy i would love the chance!!

We all deserve a break!

First of all, I didn't take this as a competition of who has had it the toughest in life.  We are all mothers taking care of our families the best way we know how.  The instructions were to tell coastal mommies why you deserve a break, that's it.  Why make it about more that what it is?

I have 3 beautiful boys and a loving husband in the military.  I'm a stay at home mom and don't get out much, of course, I would love to have a break, but not for too long 'cause than I would just feel guilty and miss my boys.  I work hard to keep my family happy and healthy. Give me a break Coastal Mommies!

I deserve a break

You're bandage still itches? Are u serious! You need a break because you itch! Honey you must not be old enough to have lived in the real world yet!

I deserve a break

Are you all serious? I derserve a damn break! My father committed suicide when I was 17 years old.I helped raise my brother while going to college.I took care of my ailing grandmother for 15 years before she passed.My husband was diagnosed with cancer,which he battled for 2 years and almost died.I took care of him while taking care of 2 small children and working full time.Monkeyla you want to talk about funerals?I had a friend murdered,2 commit suicide,an uncle commit suicide,2 of my brother's friend's get murdered,1 friend killed in a car accident,1 friend killed in a sky diving accident,and the list goes on!And anyone  wondering none of these deaths had anything to do with drugs.I am bankrupt from all of the medical expensed from my husband's cancer.I was out of my job for 3 months with a broken right hand.I'm sure that there is someone out there with bigger problems them me and deserve it more,but you all sound like a bunch of whiny cry babies that candle handle the normal stuff life throws at you.Just had to put my 2 cents in! I really don't care if get the gift certificate.If I do get it I'll probably turn around and give it to someone who has nothing!Pay it forward!


I deserve a break, because I honestly believe that I am one of the hardest working mothers on this side of the coast. I am a single mother of two- my son is 5 and my daughter is 1. I recently taught my son how to read and am in the process of potty training my daughter. I am a fulltime police dispatcher and a fulltime Senior (15 credit hours at a time) at Savannah State double majoring in Political Science and English. I work AT LEAST 16 hours of overtime weekly in order to make ends meet and still be able to treat the kids. My son began playing football for the city this summer; practices are held EVERYDAY but Friday and Sunday. I take the kids to the library every Tuesday and Thursday for children's reading sessions. This mommy/student/employee can definitely use a break!

I need a break

I deserve a break, not because I need to, but because my family needs me to.  18 months ago my husband was diagnosed with 2 separate blood disorders that cause his blood to suddenly clot.  He currently has 6 blood clots that have invaded his body and threaten his life.  I work full time, take care of our son and my husband, and he can no longer work, because of unability to walk well, and it has been such a long time since any of us has taken a breather from the doctors, surgeries, school, etc.   Bills have begun to pile up, and our financial situation is on the edge of a knife.  A small break would be such a HUGE treat.  Thank you. 

Break? What is that?

I could really use a break! Honestly, I forgot what that is! Earlier this year, my husband tried to take his life due to things he has held onto from his childhood. I had to put him in the hospital for about a month. He lost his job. I raised 3 children on my own during that time. I have no family here to help me. Our home has leaks in the ceiling when it rains and mold is setting in. We are behind on our mortgage and may lose our home. My van keeps breaking down (so far 3 times this year). It is hard to tell your children no when then need shoes and you don't have the money to get them new ones. School is getting ready to start and they all need uniforms, supplies, etc. I know we are not the only ones struggling, but when you are facing it daily, it is hard to believe that anyone else is. SO YES, I NEED A BREAK COASTAL MOMMIES!!! 

I deserve a break

I deserve a break because I had hand surgery 2 weeks ago and still have stitches and a bandage on my hand. I am a stay at home mom and my 3 year old daughter, Peyton doesn't understand that my hand really hurts and I am limited as to what activities I can do with her. I can't drive with the bandage, so we are stuck at home. I can't even play with her outside as sweat gets in my bandage and it starts to itch.  I could really use a break! Thanks for the contest, Sherri

I deserve a break!

I deserve a break because I have a 16month old, a husband, and a full time job.  I am taking care of other people all the time, and there is no time for me!  I lost my mother a couple of months ago, and had to use my vacation days this year for funerals and because the baby had RSV.  Give me a break Coastal Mommies!!