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Rain on my wedding day did not mean good luck

Cate here from the Coastal Mommies staff. I can't enter this contest since I'm a staffer, but I thought I'd get things started with a couple of my own wedding disasters, or what seemed like catastrophes at the time.

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First off, it rained all day. But as luck would have it, each time I had to be exposed to the elements, the rain stopped. Not a disaster, but the rain caused a pretty bad situation later on in the day. I'll get to that in a minute.

I couldn't have asked for a better wedding ceremony. Everything went as planned. I even managed not to cry. My mom advised me beforehand that people don't want to see a crying bride, but a happy one. And a happy bride I was!

Following the ceremony, we had pictures taken with the family.

Just as I was headed back to the altar for photos, the heel of my shoe got caught in the hem of my dress. As I turned to walk, I heard a rip that seemed to echo throughout the church. I looked down and saw a pretty decent tear in the outside layer of my wedding dress.

Great. And right before pictures too.

Once I calmed down and my sister convinced me it wasn't a big deal, I was over it. I can't even tell my dress is ripped when looking at the pictures today.

It's easy to overreact on such an important day.

My new husband and I headed downtown to Broughton Street with our photographer for more pictures.

When that was done, I hurried carefully from the building to the limo to avoid getting wet from the rain with my hubby and photog close behind.

The small ramp that led from our picture locale had become slick with rain water. I had to take tiny steps in my high heels to avoid a fall, which wasn't an easy feat for a sneaker girl.

Before I reached the limo, I heard a loud smack, the unmistakable sound of a body falling on concrete.

Uh oh.

My photographer was on the ground, head gushing with blood.

He was still alert, but shaken up. The cut on his head looked worse than it was. Head wounds, even minor cuts, bleed a lot.

We offered to take him to the hospital or call an ambulance, but he assured us he was okay. We told him not to worry about taking photos at the reception and take the rest of the day off.

I was secretly freaking out.

After some debate he told us to get to the reception as all of our guests were waiting on our arrival.

We assumed that would be the last we saw of him that day, but to our surprise he showed up at the reception to finish his day’s work.

Now that’s dedication.

If rain on your wedding day means good luck in a marriage, then I'm happy it rained that day. :)

I’m sure there are worse stories than mine. Did you have a disaster on your wedding day or at one you attended? Share them with us by clicking here!