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Santa aids in Orange County marriage proposal

Around the country, you will find hundreds of Santa's offering what help they can. There are times that Santa Claus gets involved with something truly memorable. Jonathan Nguyen and his girlfriend, Hoang, have been dating since 2001, so he wanted for making his proposal special. It took the help of a special Santa Claus, but Jonathan managed for making it nice. This is more unforgettable compared to anything he could have purchased with the use of a payday loan. Post resource - Thanks to helpful Santa Orange County marriage proposal goes well by MoneyBlogNewz.

Matrimony proposal contributed to Santa Claus recruited in Orange County

Jonathan proposed to Jenny a few days ago even though there was a long break up this fall. It did not feel right to him for making a big deal out of the proposal on the beach or with a hot air balloon although that was what he wanted to do. When visiting the mall, however, he saw Santa and decided the jolly old elf would be the perfect way to ask his girlfriend for her hand in matrimony. He began for making the plan with Santa and his elves.

Santa helps with Orange County proposal

Jenny had plans Sunday afternoon to go see Santa Claus in Orange County. He took her friend's kids to get pictures. She was expected by Santa and the elves because of the plans with Jonathan. He called her back after the children got their pictures taken. Then, Jonathan got the signal from the elves. He was in a store nearby hiding. Jenny went back to Santa to talk to him. Jonathan got on one knee after sneaking out then. A ring was used when Jonathan proposed. He also said how much he loved her. Jenny accepted his proposal as she fell to her knees.

Santa did not only the Orange County marriage proposal

The holidays are always an incredibly busy season for Santa Claus -- however not each story is as happy as a marriage proposal. Jonathan and Jenny got engaged the very same day the Rhode Island yacht club got robbed. A "Santa bandit" was the culprit. The bookings are down about a quarter for 2010 Santa's based on the organization of freelance Santa's called the Amalgamated Order of Real Bearded Santa's.