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  • My daughter's big plans for the royal wedding   6 years 33 weeks ago

    NIce to hear about your daughter's interest on royal wedding. It sounds amazing when you told that she woke up at 4 am just for the royal wedding kiss but unfortunately she have to go for school. If I am not wrong, we will be given national holiday on royal wedding, but in this case you are saying that she have to leave for school, a bit confusion. I am also planning to attend a wedding not of the royal family but one of my friend is getting married on same day and he just gave wedding invitations for me and some of my friends. Hope I will have great time.

  • Christmas in July Craft Bazaar   6 years 33 weeks ago

    Over 20 different craftsman and vendors will be on hand for the annual Christmas in July shopping event. Stock up now on great holiday gift items or everyday giving.


    St. Patrick's Church
    1285 Pine Barren Rd.
    Pooler, GA

    Saturday, July 30th from 9-2


    See Christmas in July Craft Bazaar on Facebook or visit for more info!

  • Little boy who likes to dress like a princess   6 years 33 weeks ago

    He's 5! Who cares! But I would not openly encourage or discourage it.Just let him play and be a kid!

  • Contest: Tell us why you deserve a break   6 years 33 weeks ago

    You're bandage still itches? Are u serious! You need a break because you itch! Honey you must not be old enough to have lived in the real world yet!

  • Contest: Tell us why you deserve a break   6 years 33 weeks ago

    Are you all serious? I derserve a damn break! My father committed suicide when I was 17 years old.I helped raise my brother while going to college.I took care of my ailing grandmother for 15 years before she passed.My husband was diagnosed with cancer,which he battled for 2 years and almost died.I took care of him while taking care of 2 small children and working full time.Monkeyla you want to talk about funerals?I had a friend murdered,2 commit suicide,an uncle commit suicide,2 of my brother's friend's get murdered,1 friend killed in a car accident,1 friend killed in a sky diving accident,and the list goes on!And anyone  wondering none of these deaths had anything to do with drugs.I am bankrupt from all of the medical expensed from my husband's cancer.I was out of my job for 3 months with a broken right hand.I'm sure that there is someone out there with bigger problems them me and deserve it more,but you all sound like a bunch of whiny cry babies that candle handle the normal stuff life throws at you.Just had to put my 2 cents in! I really don't care if get the gift certificate.If I do get it I'll probably turn around and give it to someone who has nothing!Pay it forward!

  • Contest: Tell us why you deserve a break   6 years 34 weeks ago

    I deserve a break, because I honestly believe that I am one of the hardest working mothers on this side of the coast. I am a single mother of two- my son is 5 and my daughter is 1. I recently taught my son how to read and am in the process of potty training my daughter. I am a fulltime police dispatcher and a fulltime Senior (15 credit hours at a time) at Savannah State double majoring in Political Science and English. I work AT LEAST 16 hours of overtime weekly in order to make ends meet and still be able to treat the kids. My son began playing football for the city this summer; practices are held EVERYDAY but Friday and Sunday. I take the kids to the library every Tuesday and Thursday for children's reading sessions. This mommy/student/employee can definitely use a break!

  • Here's a question for moms of tweens...   6 years 34 weeks ago

    This subject is quite the topic in my home with my 10 year old and me. I had agreed to allow her to have an email account so that she can communicate with her cousin who lives in another country.  However, when we went to register the account, it would not allow because I purposely put her real age in (I know I know, that was realy sneaky). This was to buy me some time to get mentally ready for this....when I'm ready, I will know the password and will check it periodically.

  • Contest: Tell us why you deserve a break   6 years 34 weeks ago

    I deserve a break, not because I need to, but because my family needs me to.  18 months ago my husband was diagnosed with 2 separate blood disorders that cause his blood to suddenly clot.  He currently has 6 blood clots that have invaded his body and threaten his life.  I work full time, take care of our son and my husband, and he can no longer work, because of unability to walk well, and it has been such a long time since any of us has taken a breather from the doctors, surgeries, school, etc.   Bills have begun to pile up, and our financial situation is on the edge of a knife.  A small break would be such a HUGE treat.  Thank you. 

  • Contest: Tell us why you deserve a break   6 years 34 weeks ago

    I could really use a break! Honestly, I forgot what that is! Earlier this year, my husband tried to take his life due to things he has held onto from his childhood. I had to put him in the hospital for about a month. He lost his job. I raised 3 children on my own during that time. I have no family here to help me. Our home has leaks in the ceiling when it rains and mold is setting in. We are behind on our mortgage and may lose our home. My van keeps breaking down (so far 3 times this year). It is hard to tell your children no when then need shoes and you don't have the money to get them new ones. School is getting ready to start and they all need uniforms, supplies, etc. I know we are not the only ones struggling, but when you are facing it daily, it is hard to believe that anyone else is. SO YES, I NEED A BREAK COASTAL MOMMIES!!! 

  • Contest: Tell us why you deserve a break   6 years 34 weeks ago

    I deserve a break because I had hand surgery 2 weeks ago and still have stitches and a bandage on my hand. I am a stay at home mom and my 3 year old daughter, Peyton doesn't understand that my hand really hurts and I am limited as to what activities I can do with her. I can't drive with the bandage, so we are stuck at home. I can't even play with her outside as sweat gets in my bandage and it starts to itch.  I could really use a break! Thanks for the contest, Sherri

  • Contest: Tell us why you deserve a break   6 years 35 weeks ago

    I deserve a break because I have a 16month old, a husband, and a full time job.  I am taking care of other people all the time, and there is no time for me!  I lost my mother a couple of months ago, and had to use my vacation days this year for funerals and because the baby had RSV.  Give me a break Coastal Mommies!!

  • Kids learning about money   6 years 35 weeks ago

    It is a learning process, and so cute!

  • Kids learning about money   6 years 35 weeks ago

    My kids are the same way!

    It is so funny to watch them. My younger thinks a $20 bill is less than 5 ones. Bless their hearts. They'll learn.

  • Book Bunch: Win 'Adrenaline' by bestselling author Jeff Abbott   6 years 35 weeks ago

    I wanna win I need a good read havent read in years.

  • Book Bunch: Win 'Adrenaline' by bestselling author Jeff Abbott   6 years 36 weeks ago

    On April 1, 2004, I awoke from a coma to find myself tied down to a hospital bed.  I was tied down so as not to pull  various tubes out when coming too.  I immediately experienced an adrenaline pop from the wake up itself, but upon realizing what had happened to me, and that I was, in fact, alive, having been given a second chance, is something I will NEVER EVER forget.  Thank you!


  • Why I Still Stand by Science Diet: Because Corn in NOT a Bad Thing…..   6 years 37 weeks ago

    The following is a response from Science Diet after reading this blog.  Certainly, this is another reason I respect the integrity of this company; they are very quick to be open with any problems the food may have.  

      "Interesting that not a single one of Hill’s Science Diet products was involved in any adverse events associated with the pet food recall of 2007."

    Unfortunately, Hill's was involved, in a very minimal way during that recall.  While it was only a very small part of the business that was involved, we want to be very transparent and truthful to the pet owning public, and would recommend that she remove that statement entirely.  

    For your and her information, since that recall, we have added several additional quality control measures to further insure the safety of all of our products, including testing of every batch of food for salmonella and other contaminants prior to shipment.  To our knowledge, Hill's is the only pet food company taking this costly quality control step.

    Our most recent improvement is the addition of lactic acid in all of our dry products produced in the US as a natural and effective way to reduce the risk of micro-contamination. Lactic Acid is a very common additive for human and pet foods and can be found in foods such as cheese, butter, bread and beverages.

    Karen Padgett, DVM Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. | Customer Development Director, Vet Channel


  • Why parents should say yes to no   6 years 38 weeks ago


    I love your blog! Thank you so much for sharing Dr. Walsh's work with your readers! I just wanted to share a link to where more of his work about kids and media can be found on the web:

    Thanks again!

  • Why I Still Stand by Science Diet: Because Corn in NOT a Bad Thing…..   6 years 38 weeks ago

    Of course, you may copy and share! Just please include my name and hospital as the author because I hope to one day be rich and famous and this could be my "big break" :)

    At Case Veterinary Hospital, because we get these questions about corn and by-products so frequently, we actually took the article to a printer and had it printed on one sheet (front and back) to be able to hand out and send home with our clients when the discussion arose. My hospital administrator is out of town until Monday, but if there is a PDF format or something else that will help you, I'd be happy to forward that on as well. Just let me know.

    And thank you for sharing your support. There are so many misconceptions out there and I just got tired of hearing that these "boutique diets" were somehow healthier. How would anyone know? As you've said, they've never really been tested. 

  • Local MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) Groups   6 years 38 weeks ago

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    10 sheets and any additional are an average cost of 16.50 for 3. Sheets of a pose free cd and decorators with most collections

  • Book Bunch: Win 'Adrenaline' by bestselling author Jeff Abbott   6 years 38 weeks ago

    Good time...I remember meeting my husband and feeling that rush of adrenaline. 


  • Book Bunch: Win 'Adrenaline' by bestselling author Jeff Abbott   6 years 38 weeks ago

    That adrenaline poppin'- never gonna be the same again moment happened to me 3 times. Each time I gave birth to my kids. I think that kind of on the job training definitely qualifies me for a job in espionage.

  • Why I Still Stand by Science Diet: Because Corn in NOT a Bad Thing…..   6 years 38 weeks ago

    I want to say first, that I am pleased to be able to comment on this blog. I am a practicing small animal clinician in Mission, KS. I have instinctive confidence in Science Diet for some of the same reasons as Dr. Case. However, my experience literally does go back to the 1950's when I was growing up, the oldest son of a veterinarian. My dad always had a couple of boxes of k/d stored behind one of the doors in his little clinic. One day I asked him what "that" was. Well, it was a very early version of Science Diet. I have also had the pleasure of reading the biography of Dr. Mark Morris Sr. He was an amazing and prescient man.

    My own pitch regarding Science Diet versus what I refer to as "boutique diets," those products that are always marketed as containing "natural" ingredients or as being "more natural," has been that because they are made by small companies they cannot possibly do the extensive nutritional studies that the major companies that make "premium" diets can do. Nutritional research is the most expensive "component" of any diet. Every time the diet is changed in the tiniest bit, dogs or cats have to be fed the new product for months, even perhaps years. The cost is huge and the feeding trials absolutely essential to determine that the diet will promote excellent health in the animals eating it.

    I would also like to address the issue raised in one comment. Dr. Case did write that there IS profit in selling Science Diet. Frankly, the profit is small and quite frankly, probably does not fit the cost accounting profile that an accountant would approve of. I carry Science Diet products for the benefit of my clients, as a service. The company does not pay me in any other way to promote its diets and it would be unethical and inappropriate for me to accept such payment in exchange for my advising clients that I believe it is the best diet available.

    Dr. Case, may I copy your piece from your blog and share it with clients?

    James Guglielmino DVM

    Mission, KS

  • 2-year-old left in daycare van in Ga. dies   6 years 38 weeks ago

    I saw this story on the news last night. I felt terrible for the parents. Someone needs to be held responsible for the horror that the little girl faced.

  • Body by Vi Challenge Party on the Islands   6 years 38 weeks ago

    So SORRY about the miscommunication - party tomorrow night is at MercerPlace on Whitemarsh Island!!! HOpe you all can still make it!

  • Artificial Food Dyes and ADHD   6 years 38 weeks ago

    symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity needed for a
    diagnosis of ADHD are of a much higher magnitude than demonstrated in
    these studies. In addition, food dyes may lead to some mild increase in
    the level of symptoms for children who are diagnosed with ADHD.This information helps to many peoples to avoid this disease.

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