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  • Other Kid's Germs   8 years 50 weeks ago

    Was the kid visably sick?  Or could this really be a coincidence?



  • The Rotten Kids vs Mommy War Rages On...   8 years 50 weeks ago

    My first thought when I read this was wondering why the mother left her kids in the car unattended.  Obviously they can get into trouble, but these days, we just don't leave our kids in cars without adult supervision.  It isn't safe.


  • The Single Girl vs Mommy War Rages On...   8 years 51 weeks ago


  • The Single Girl vs Mommy War Rages On...   8 years 51 weeks ago


    The root issue with friends, if you're married and they are not, or if you have kids and they don't, is they have no appreciation for your situation. Although WE know it's normal for kids to make noise, get into "things", and not have developed the ability to sit still, our friends that have no children assume that a person, no matter the age, if of sound body and mind, should be able to listen, think, and express themselves a mature adult........WE know that's not the case.

    Far to often we forget our humble beginnings.........

    As a mom of two I can say, some of the things my girlfriend's kids do, drive me bonkers!

    She will without a doubt have be worn down in time and by children of her own. She will be come numb to the screaming, and whining, and annoying things that every child does.

    As our lives change, we become less tolerable of others, unless forced. I'd venture to say some of the things that your husband is comfortable doing NOW he'd never think of trying when you first started dating! Your single friend has yet to compromise herself for a man, as her husband, or a child, as her responsibility.

    It sounds like you have a great bi-coastal friendship, and until she has children you might want to communicate mostly online or try visiting her "single life". It might be good for you to play single for a weekend, leave the wife/mother on the East Coast. hopefully you will stick it out and be there for her when she starts to rip her hair out with a family of her own. To offer advise and suggestions....... after all, what are true friends for????

    To say I told you so!

    You could try to explain it to her, if you can, please help me do the same.

    I have yet to be able to explain love............


    The Coastal Mommie


  • Other Kid's Germs   8 years 51 weeks ago

    Daycare and school are breeding grounds for germs and communicable sicknesses. The crazy thing, I think we've all been victim to, sometimes, guilty of is taking our kida sick kid to school. The child you're referring to obviously learns, plays, or lives in environments that your child isn't exposed to. Consequently when you let your child play with the "Germy" kid she gets introduced to new Bactria and viruses. the sad thing is it's better that she's exposed, if she is it's less likely to effect her as bad next time. You've got two choices never let her play with that child again b/c she might continue to get sick. Or expose her and her sister at the same time in effort to strengthen their immune systems while trying different things like vitamins or certain foods to help build up their defenses.

    Before anyone gets all weird think about the logic behind Chicken Pox Parties!

    Good luck,

    The Coastal Mommie

  • The Single Girl vs Mommy War Rages On...   8 years 51 weeks ago

    I'm like you - just wait until she has kids. You're exactly right when you say that babysitting is a lot different from raising your own kids.

  • Meal Planning Monday   8 years 51 weeks ago

    There's nothing like home cooking. Eating out is nice, but it gets old really quick. I found a delicious recipe earlier this week that I think you and your family will love. My friend actually made it when she was here and I'm fixing it later this week. It's a good recipe to break your stove in. :)


  • Toddlers & Tiaras   8 years 51 weeks ago

    My sister-in-law was a beauty pageant kid and now my one year old niece is a beauty pageant kid. It drives me absolutely insane. The poor baby was in her first pageant when she was less than a month old and they've spent more money on dresses and pageant fees this year than they have in food.

    I've only ever been to one pageant and I swear I won't go back. I heard so many mothers telling their nine and ten year old daughters to "suck in the fat" and "try to look like you're having a good time". I wanted to run up on stage and tell them to stop ruining their daughters.

  • Moms Going Green "Save the Earth for your Children"   8 years 51 weeks ago

    I have the commitment thing down, I try to do the right thing.............when possible.

    Since my last post I've consulted with a few grandmothers that used cloth diapers, and they say it's just time consuming. The soaking and the cleaning and the drying and the soaking and the cleaning and the drying................. The one comment that stuck on my mind was "We use to use a diaper service".

    Ah Ha!

    Do you...or anyone reading this know if we have a diaper service in the Coastal Empire?

    Possibly a start up for someone to get behind.



  • Meal Planning Monday   8 years 51 weeks ago

    Prior planning prevents piss poor performance!

    Very practical.......Now if I could just put in an order for Chili Fridays!


  • Moms Going Green "Save the Earth for your Children"   8 years 51 weeks ago

    I'm right there with you Coastal Mommie - I've been obsessed with the  DIOXIN breast cancer link for a few years - I even gave up using BLEACH for awhile until I learned that the home use of bleach wasn't an environmental/health threat - just the bleaching for wood/paper - that process releases the organochloride harmful compounds. White diapers, napkins, TP, PAPER etc is what's harmful.

    I used cloth diapers. Have you already bought some?

    The set-up takes the most effort - and the commitment.



  • Family Visit   9 years 6 days ago

    Last fall, my husband's cousins brought their 4-year-old daughter with them -- I don't have kids and am really not even sure what to do with them. We ended up out at the Skidaway Institute and the aquarium out there. She loved it! The grounds are a good place to take a picnic, look at dolphins in the river and watch birds. It's very inexpensive and just a good afternoon trip. I'd definitely recommend that. Even the big kids had fun!

  • Family Visit   9 years 1 week ago

    I actually took them on the tour. It was very affordable... only $10. They enjoyed it.

  • What to do this weekend   9 years 1 week ago

    Friday night as we got ready for the bath I noticed 11 bright red spots on Little H's tummy. There was a sign up in his daycare last week saying there had been a case of Chicken Pox in his class room. When I saw the bumps I thought - here it comes. We bought calamine lotion, oatmeal bath packets, and baking soda.

    Saturday morning, Collard Greens festival plans cancelled, I examined the spots. Hmmm, no new ones, and the 11 on his chest seemed somewhat...faded?

    He's out of school today - just in case. But I'm confused. Is this Chicken Pox or was it really just a few bug bites?

  • Aggressive play   9 years 1 week ago

    LOL, no need to worry. He's just being a little boy. :)

  • And So It Begins   9 years 1 week ago

    I'm definitely not ready. I just want to keep him little for as long as I can.

  • And So It Begins   9 years 1 week ago

    Ten years old? Wow... that's scary. I have a 9 year old daughter. Just to think... that stage is right around the corner. I don't know if I'm ready!

  • Family Visit   9 years 1 week ago

    When's the visit?  Tybee has a St. Patrick's Day parade next Saturday at 3pm (March 14th).

    Never been on a paid tour... I'm from Savannah and have never taken one.


  • Upward Basketball   9 years 1 week ago

    My son plays soccer, and we typically have several girls on the team each season.  I don't imagine it really concerns the kids... until possibly when they are a bit older and start really "noticing" the opposite sex...



  • Aggressive play   9 years 1 week ago

    He's a boy... I wouldn't be overly concerned about the behavior you're describing!  To this day, my 9yo still enjoys nerf guns, wrestling and the like.  It's completely normal! 



  • What to do this weekend   9 years 2 weeks ago

    Sounds absolutely yummy!

    My daughters would really like that.