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A Mother's Day Promise

by The Coastal Mommie on Sun, 05/10/2009 - 2:25am

Happy Mother's Day to all the Coastal Mommies!

I'm sure you've been asked time and again "What do you want for Mother's Day"?

My husband asked me what I wanted, and after much consideration I told him my pre-baby body. Not before my most recent pregnancy, but my body before children all together. I would like to have the waistline and muscle tone of an active woman. His reply.....that's easy tommorrow let's go walking! If you're like me you want to get into shape, you just struggle to find the time and motivation. Well maybe we can work together on that. If you are interested in becoming a healthier, happier, and more attractive mommie, respond to this post by simply leaving a short comment. A group of 5 would be nice but every member of this site would be best! If we support each other, we could really do this,

Make this the best Mother's Day gift you've ever given to yourself,

The Coastal Mommie





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Something a little new....

I am hoping to expand on the idea that the Coastal Mommie started with her Mother's Day Promise to herself.  How would you like to get a body BETTER than the one you had before babies AND the peace of mind to deal the the challenges of being a mother?

That is what I have found in yoga.  I started practicing a little over a year ago.  I have been an athlete since I was old enough to join the team and even kept up my workouts as an adult.  In an effort to stay fit I even challenged myself to a marathon and accomplished my goal.  It should be pointed out in the spirit of full disclosure, I am not super skinny or cellulite free.  I am a work in progress (aren't we all?).  With all my experience in sports and running and power walking and aerobics classes and boot camp classes and pilates dvds I HAVE NEVER FOUND ANYTHING AS PHYSICALLY CHALLENGING AS THE YOGA I AM CURRENTLY PRACTICING!

Here is the funny part, the workout, although AMAZINING, is not what keeps my going back five or six days a week.  The mental clarity and peace I get is what I love so much.  I have even started taking my children to a class once a week in the hopes that they get early what I am just now getting at 35 years old.  If you don't believe me, check out the following .  We are so lucky to have a studio in Savannah that offers these classes. 

I practice at a place called Ashram Savannah www.ASHRAMSAVANNAH.COM .  I do not work there, so there is nothing for me to gain personally if you decide to give it a shot.  You should try though; you may just love it.

Much love,