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Excellence found in Chatham County public schools

by Traci Schumacher on Fri, 05/23/2014 - 10:39am

So it's the last day of school for Chatham County public school kids. Let summer begin!

Oddly enough, as I drove my kids to school this morning for their last day of 4th and 3rd grades, they discussed how they wished they could go to school all year and how school is more fun than summer. Apparently summer is boring, just sitting around watching tv all day (which is not even what my kids do!).

My kids both have had outstanding teachers this year who quickly became their favorites, and now they do not want to give them up. So here I am trying to convince my children that being promoted to the next grade is a good thing, and summer will be fun, and they'll see their teachers again. It's a hardship for which I'm thankful.

So, for all the negativity about Chatham County schools, there is a lot of awesomeness, too, that easily gets overlooked. Test scores alone do not tell the full story, and private schools are not necessarily the best option. There are excellent teachers and programs and schools in our public school system. To write them all off may be easy, but it denies the reality.

Hats off to all the amazing teachers out there who manage to inspire the minds and capture the hearts of the children they teach. Sometimes they even make them cry about summer. Well done.



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