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Which Facebook quiz are you?

by Traci Schumacher on Thu, 04/10/2014 - 12:45pm
A beautiful place to live near.

Have you taken any of the numerous quizzes on Facebook? By answering a few questions, you can discover what movie character you are, the country or city you should live in, what kind of parent you are, and so on. Oooh, very interesting!

For quite a while, I resisted the temptation to unlock such golden nuggets of insight. But my self-control finally yielded to the pressure for the chance to learn what country I should really live in. I just couldn't help myself. After answering a number of mysteriously unrelated, perhaps even irrelevant, questions, it was revealed that I should be living in... Malta. What?

Okay, so that was a bit of a disappointment (no offense to Malta). I tried again with a quiz that promised to tell me which state I should live in. I wondered if I would get Maine or Virginia or Oregon... The answer I got was Georgia. Which is where I live. How unexciting is that?

My husband took the quiz, and came up with Colorado, which is infinitely more intriguing than Georgia. So I retook that quiz, changing some of my answers to questions I wasn't sure about (like do I really prefer moose or eagles? Important stuff.). I missed Colorado, but landed myself in Alaska. Clearly, it's a miracle that my husband and I found each other in Georgia.

Then I saw on Facebook that a friend of mine took the parenting quiz, and was rated a “cool parent.” That got me wondering what kind of parent I am. So I took the quiz, and... let's just say I did not post my results on Facebook. In my defense, I think my less-than-cool rating resulted from the lack of responses that fit me. For many of the questions, I didn't agree with any of the possible options, but had to just choose something anyway.

I've taken a few other Facebook quizzes with equally disappointing or puzzling results. Which caused me to wonder. Why do I feel compelled to keep taking these quizzes? Why are they so disappointing? Why do they keep asking about bands and shows and movies that I'm not familiar with? And are there really nine different varieties of Beyonce (if my ignorance in this area makes me less-than-cool, I'm fine with that!)?

In general, I am a quiz person. I like quizzes. And checklists. I also like to gain knowledge and insight, and I guess I secretly hoped these silly quizzes would either confirm what I know about myself or offer pleasant surprises. I am not, however, much of a pop culture consumer, so I suppose my results were doomed from the start.

So, rather than be poorly defined by random quizzes, I decided to make up my own results.

Where I should live: Someplace beautiful with four seasons and no sand gnats, near the mountains with lots of opportunities to hike and enjoy nature.

What kind of parent I am: One who loves, protects, and guides my kids, training and encouraging them to be thinking, responsible, caring humans.

What job I should have: Writer, preferably the traveling kind.

How many more Facebook quizzes I should take: none, unless I want to be further disappointed.

And in case you're wondering what rock band I am, I got Led Zeppelin. Whatever that means.



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