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Springtime hiking at Fort McAllister

by Traci Schumacher on Mon, 03/10/2014 - 10:58am
Kids, on a cool tree, and dogs... all resting.

Spring came to visit yesterday with her sparkling sunshine and warm breezes. In celebration, our family hit the trails at Fort McAllister State Park near Richmond Hill. My husband and I guided our merry band of children and dogs as they happily bounded down the trail. Even our 4-year-old, who sometimes mysteriously “can't walk,” zipped along pretending he was riding an electric bobcat (yeah, I don't know).

We have visited Fort McAllister several times before, walking among its canons and earthwork structures. This fort, overlooking the Ogeechee River, defended the Confederacy until 1864, when it succumbed to General Sherman's “March to the Sea.” But yesterday, for the first time, we bypassed the fort itself, opting instead to explore the surrounding trails that showcase maritime forest, salt marsh, and river views.

The hiking trail was wide and clear except for a few patches of mud, reminders of our recent days of rain. We walked to one of the primitive camp sites on the bank of the river, imagining where we might one day set up our tent. The kids searched the water for signs of life, and the dogs relished every scent on wind and plant and dirt. We successfully warned all the wildlife of our presence, giving them ample time to hide, although our boxer was certain she caught a whiff of some critter or two along the way.

It was a beautiful day to be outside enjoying the fresh air, having fun, and getting some exercise. If you want to go see Fort McAllister for yourself, visit their website for more information:


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