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My daughter's birthday party: finding the balance between Special and Practical

by Traci Schumacher on Tue, 02/04/2014 - 12:35pm

It's February, and the birthdays are sneaking up on me again. I can't understand how events that I know are coming every single year can repeatedly take me by surprise, finding me unprepared. But here we are.

My little girl will turn 10 soon, and she has an extensive list of ideas for her birthday party. In fact, if we did every girly “spa extravaganza” activity she has imagined for her birthday, it would require more than a full day and a staff of assistants to pull it off.

My tendency, unfortunately for my daughter, is to keep it really simple. Maybe take a couple friends to the movies, have a little sleepover, or invite a few friends over to celebrate with cake and ice cream and some hanging-out time.

We clearly have a difference of opinions to work through. Of course, I want my precious darling to feel special and have the happiest birthday ever, right? I just don't want to stress out myself or my wallet in the process.

Strangely, the idea of six energetic girls interacting with nail polish in my home does not put my mind at ease. I fear for my carpet, my sofa, my kitchen table. In my mind, they plead with me not to let it happen. I may need my own day at the spa after such a fiasco.

And I really don't think we'll be taking all the girls to the mall to buy them new dresses and shoes, as my daughter imagines. Where does she come up with these ideas?

So, we have some work to do, and the clock is ticking. Just one week after my daughter's birthday comes my son's birthday, and I have no idea what to do for him either. I don't know how this, my complete lack of preparedness, is possible.

I do the same thing with teacher gifts. Every year. I should start planning teacher gifts now for the end of the school year because I'm sure it is coming. But first I have a party to negotiate, and then I'm sure I will be quite busy procrastinating...


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