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Excitement Over An Antibiotic

Excitement Over An Antibiotic

by Dr. Carla Case-... on Wed, 02/19/2014 - 4:09pm




Submitted by Lisa A. Yackel, CVPM, PHR




Have you ever been prescribed an antibiotic and months later found it in your medicine cabinet with a few pills left in the prescription bottle?  Probably the more honest version is that we got sick or hurt and went scavenging in the medicine cabinet to see if we had any leftover antibiotics from the last time. 


Statistics show that most patients are not compliant with taking all of their antibiotics, especially when they are to be taken multiple times a day and for long periods.  In fact, compliance drops to a dismal  0% in many of these cases.  The above scenario is actually a major cause of concern as we begin to see more and more antibiotic resistant diseases due to this very issue. It is no different for our pets. 


My excitement arises from recently attending with our medical staff a class on an injectable antibiotic called Convenia.  We have had the drug on our shelf for a few years but were made aware of its practical use when a fellow veterinary practitioner came to share with us information on the success stories he has had in his own practice.   You see, the reason it had not taken off at our hospital was that it was a costly drug and we wanted to save our clients money by using less expensive antibiotics.  What we learned was that it was costly not to use it!


A Convenia injection if indicated for your pet’s problem takes away the above compliance issue.  Advantages are:


·         You don’t have to fight with your cat or dog to get the pill down them. 


·         You don’t have to remember to give it several times a day.


·         You may not need to use the dreaded Elizabethan Collar on him.


·          The healing begins in hours versus days bringing relief to your pet quicker.


·         You don’t have to purchase Pill Pockets or cheese or hotdogs to disguise the antibiotic


·         There is less likelihood of any stomach upset from the injectable form of the antibiotic.


When you take into account all of the convenience features of the product, factor in the additional savings of not having to purchase other supporting medicines, and your pet will get relief faster, it makes sense that the added expense is worth it.

The name Convenia was derived from the word convenient and it certainly is that and more.  If your pet has difficulty taking medication orally, it might be something to ask your veterinarian about when you come in with a pet that has a medical condition that calls for antibiotics as the treatment plan.

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