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Imagination inspiration from my 4-year-old

by Traci Schumacher on Thu, 01/16/2014 - 11:49am

“What if our cat could walk on the ceiling? What if everything was pancakes? What if your name was Kommy and Daddy was Kaddy? What if our van could fly and land on the school?” These are some of the questions my 4-year-old invents to entertain himself (and the rest of us). His eyes sparkle, laughing at the possibilities.

Kids can have such wild imaginations. Not confined to work within the laws of nature or social conformity. Nothing is too silly or too crazy or too daring.

What if... Maybe that's a question we grown-ups could ask ourselves more. We can get so caught up with taking care of everyone and everything that we sometimes lose our sense of wonder, our sense of possible.

What if we dare to imagine a better self, a new opportunity, a different life? Maybe a fuller or more peaceful or more joyful life? What if we finally did that thing we've been putting off... maybe a hard conversation or a special trip? What would that look like?

Let your imagination run wild. Embrace the possibilities. Sparkle like a child. Then see what you can do...




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