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What my kids planned for Labor Day

by Traci Schumacher on Tue, 09/03/2013 - 5:18pm

Well, we had a nice Labor Day weekend... a little beach, a little pool, a little shopping. Pretty much something for everyone.

This year my kids made the connection that "labor" means "work," so they decided Labor Day should be a work day around the house. This realization occurred on Sunday, so that evening they began cleaning up. How cool is that?!

My kids moved rugs and doormats around, vacuumed and swept some of the floors, and sort of swept the front walkway. It was a valiant effort for the three of them.

Monday morning, as my husband and I were finalizing our plans for the day, my daughter announced we would be cleaning because “it's Labor Day and labor means work, so we should work.” While I appreciated the cleaning done the day before and I admired my daughter's good intentions, I did not plan to spend the day cleaning.

I told her that, since Daddy had the day off from work, we were going to do something fun. Fortunately, she and her brothers were happy to change their plans. Now if only I can harness that cleaning enthusiasm at another time!

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