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New Veterinary Weight Loss Diet

New Veterinary Weight Loss Diet

by Dr. Carla Case-... on Mon, 09/30/2013 - 8:20am

Metabolic Diet


By Beth Massey

Office Manager at Case Veterinary Hospital



Most of us have heard of weight loss plans for people, some of which are even prescribed by our doctor.  Losing weight takes dedication and planning and can be difficult but we are all aware of the long term benefits of staying at a healthy weight.  The same is true for our pets!  Obesity is not just a human epidemic but one that is quickly becoming more common in dogs and cats.  It is estimated that 93 million US pets are overweight or obese.  These obese dogs and cats are prone to joint problems, diabetes, liver disease, heart disease and respiratory disease just to name a few.


Hill’s Science Diet has recently formulated and released a new prescription weight loss diet for dogs and cats called Metabolic.  Case Veterinary Hospital was actually involved with the study and trial of this very food two years ago.  The study showed 88% of in home weight loss success with pets on this diet.  28% body fat loss within 2 months was found in dogs and 29% body fat loss was found in cats. Those are very real results! 


Our health care team can formulate a weight loss plan for your pet which includes weigh-ins, body measurements, Metabolic diet calculation, and even prescription treats!  We have gotten great feedback from our clients who say that their pets seem more satisfied between meals which helps them to “stay the course”.  Weight loss has been successful in the majority of pets on this program.  Clients have also reported that it is easier to maintain their pets at their goal weight after finishing the program and starting on maintenance food.  


Call us if you have any questions regarding your pet’s diet.  We can help!

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