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Reason #37 for being late: Cat on the rooftop

by Traci Schumacher on Mon, 08/12/2013 - 8:53am

With five people in our family, three of whom have little or no sense of urgency (except when they want something), it seems we are often running late for one reason or another. Our church starts at 10:00, for example, every Sunday. Knowing that it takes 20 minutes to get there, one would think we could arrive on time or early (gasp!) at least maybe half the time. But, as I said, there is always something that comes up... whether it's someone on the potty, a last minute search for shoes, or a dog having an accident.

Yesterday it was a cat. Not even our cat, Twinkle, who adopted us this summer. For some unknown reason, there was a friendly cat walking around on our roof, driving the dogs crazy. Meowing sincerely in its desire to get down, it was just a bit too timid to take the leap. So, being the animal-friendly people that we are, and wanting to settle down our dogs who were all worked up over the rooftop cat, we set out to try to get it down from the roof. The clock ticked away.

My husband got out the step ladder and tried to assist the cat. He managed to pet it, but couldn't quite reach it to help it down. Kitty paced along the edge of the roof, and we discussed what to do. My husband presented the trash can for jumping onto and a big stick for crawling down, but Kitty would not dare. Tick, tick, tick.

Finally, the cat climbed-and-fell down the side of the chimney and landed on its feet. Yay! It then spent most of the rest of our getting ready time looking in the back door, exciting the dogs and tempting the kids who really wanted to go outside and pet it. Hubby and I hoped it would just go home.

Eventually, Kitty wandered off, and our family made it out the front door, dressed and ready for church. A look at the clock revealed that, once again, the time had gotten away from us and we were definitely not going to be on time.

As we pulled out of the driveway, we saw Kitty reclining on the roof of the neighbor's house. So much for our good deed. And sorry to be late again, Pastor!

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