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 A new way to take care of your face

A new way to take care of your face

by Janay Kingsberry on Thu, 07/11/2013 - 3:58pm

No one can escape the process of aging. Along the way, we learn that our lifestyle and choices effect everything, even our skin. We all strive to age gracefully and love to keep our true numbers a mystery as long as possible. Keeping on top of the latest innovations in the science of beauty, we found something new and amazing — Dermafrac.

The fun of summer can take a toll on your skin. The intense heat and humidity of our fair city leaves dirt, sweat and residue on your face throughout the day. The accumulation makes us prone to blemishes, detracts the natural shine and balance, and aggravates the top layer of skin.

Vacation traveling can easily dehydrate the skin, deepening the appearance of lines. The long-term negative effects go deeper than your daily beauty regimen can reach. How can you find a way to remove the damage, rehydrate, rejuvenate and gain anti-aging benefits all at once?

That is what we just had to see, and we found it at Spa Maison.


What is Dermafrac?

Simply put, Dermafrac is a new tool for your skin specialist to use during your facial. This tool is a hand-held implement that removes the damaged dead layer of skin at the top. At the same time it infuses serums of healing hydration to the deeper layer of your skin through a micro-channeling system. How does it do this? The Dermafrac uses a spinning wheel of micro-needles and suction. As the wheel turns, the old layer of skin is removed while the needles penetrate to infuse hydrating serum into the skin providing greater absorption.


What we learned

Spinning needles does sound a bit scary. But the tool promises to provide amazing results without pain, without down-time and is so non-invasive your skin specialist can be trained to add it to your facial regimen. So we did our research and then visited the team at Spa Maison to learn how it works and see the results for ourselves.

We were invited to watch each esthetician get trained by an industry specialist who works with the Dermafrac system. He demonstrated the technique and then had each esthetician follow his instructions on a client.

First, each face was cleansed and then wrapped with a hot towel to encourage the pores to open. Next, the Dermafrac was rolled in small lines across the face. Similar to microderm abrasion, the tool painlessly scrapes the uppermost layer of dead skin cells right off with the spinning tool, which is housed in a small toothbrush-sized wand.

There is powered suction behind the wheel, which removes your dead skin cells and whisks them away while acting in concert with the wheel by pulling the skin up to meet it. At the same time, the spinning needles are injecting serum into the fresh new skin on your face.

The Dermafrac technician explained that the needles have been calibrated to the perfect depth. They should reach the dermal-epidermis junction to drop off powerful peptide serums at the most optimal location for rejuvenating your skin.

They are also carefully calibrated not to connect with capillaries or nerves, so the effect is painless. The clients chose from hydrating to anti-aging treatment serums for the rapid infusion options. Each client said they were pleasantly surprised by the feel of the tool.

They expected pain or scraping to get such a powerful, penetrating treatment, but “it feels just like a Clarisonic brush against your face” said one client. “I thought I would feel stinging or chafing but it was lighter than microderm abrasion,” said another.

The spa technicians learned to apply the treatment in clean lines all across the face, then do a second pass in another direction. This approach makes sure to collect more dead skin cells and gives the serum infusion greater results.

Following the final pass, a small light wand is applied to the skin. The light is passed across the face and performs small flashes of light, not as intense as a laser treatment, allowing no pain or stinging. The light removes any residual redness from the wheel, leaving the skin smooth and your pores small. After this process, the technician should follow up with any additional peptide or treatment suited to your situation. The new layer of fresh young skin is ready for anything.


Benefits in review

“Dermafrac is a very unique, effective way to deliver active ingredients deep into the skin, giving my clients immediate benefits,” said Miriam Howard, one of the spa specialists who tested the new technology.

This process took less than 30 minutes and had no discomfort and zero down time. Women emerged looking radiant and ready to go. We asked Miriam when she would recommend it to a client, she said: “Adding this to a regular facial program will have significant benefit, especially if your client’s skin is dehydrated, or they are looking for extra firming.”

As we were told by the Dermafrac specialist, your skin should be protected for the next two hours to keep that baby-skin freshness. Over the next two to three days the effect increases as the skin matures in its natural cycle. Those planning to a revitalization for an event should book two to three days prior to make sure to get the greatest glow.

Of course, adding this to your monthly facial will not only improve your complexion and beat the summer environmental elements, but also it will have additive effects as your skin soaks in the serums. As always, we recommend listening to your skin care specialist to learn more about what she knows your skin needs and can take to make sure you will benefit.

We love it when technology finally catches up to our pace for fun and fashion. The science of beauty is fascinating and always on the move. So we resolve to keep learning more about what we should not be doing and what we should be trying to stay beautiful and stylish all summer long.

- Erin Ebert


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