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The fun day that didn't happen, according to my son

by Traci Schumacher on Mon, 07/22/2013 - 9:34pm

Today I made a concerted effort to arrange a fun and active day for my kids. I adhere to the mindset that kids should not need to be entertained constantly. That they should be allowed ample free time to use their imaginations to find ways to amuse themselves. My husband worries that our kids might often be too bored.

So today I set out to make sure our kids did not need to be bored. In the morning we walked both of our dogs around the neighborhood. Then we went to the pool for a while to cool down. We came home and ate lunch (leftovers from Cheddar's – yum!). Then I pulled out the Model Magic clay that I had bought on clearance a while back for such a time as this, and they sculpted to their hearts' content.

It started to rain (with no thunder), so I let the kids play outside in the rain for a little while. Then we went to my daughter's piano lesson, and ate pizza and cheesecake at Grandma's house.

I was feeling pretty good about this whole day. I can do fun. And fun can be active and economical, too. It was a nice day, complete with laughter and excitement and enthusiasm.

So then Daddy came home a little early and our whole family went for a walk around the neighborhood. As we walked along, he asked our 7-year-old son what we did today. The answer? “Nothing.”

And I'm thinking, “Nothing???!!! What do you mean nothing??!!! I planned things and we did them and you had fun!”

So my husband said, “So you pretty much just sat around the house all day?”

And my son answered, “Yeah, pretty much.”

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