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Out of the mouths of babes: how my 4-year-old amused me at Walmart

by Traci Schumacher on Thu, 06/27/2013 - 9:18am

I was shopping at Walmart with my 4-year-old the other day while my older kids were at a summer camp. My husband is often kind enough to do our Walmart shopping so I can avoid the challenge of shopping with all three kids in tow. But, if I get the chance, I will go there with just my youngest child, and the experience is far more manageable. So there we were.

My son rode in the spacious back part of the cart, happily looking at a new book as I searched the shelves for items on my list. I also found some items that I hadn't even thought to write on my list - what luck! Needless to say, our clanky cart was filling up as we bumped our way through the store, and my son's space was shrinking before my eyes.

At one point I jokingly commented that Daddy would not let me come back to Walmart any time soon. My son asked why, and I answered, “Because we are spending way too much money!”

Finally, we headed to the check-out lanes to find long lines and full carts all around. I took a spot behind an older couple with two heaping carts full, and prepared for a wait.

After a few minutes, my son looked at the couple in front of us as they began to put all their goods on the counter. Then he giggled and pointed at them, and said, “Mommy, they're spending way too much money, too!”


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