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Heartworm Disease in Cats

Heartworm Disease in Cats

by Dr. Carla Case-... on Mon, 06/03/2013 - 9:57am

Submitted by Lisa A. Yackel, CVPM, PHR

Hospital Administrator atCaseVeterinaryHospital 


AtCaseVeterinaryHospital, we participate in a study that tracks compliance for cat heartworm prevention with veterinarians in theUnited States.  Quarterly they mine our data to see how many cats that we see in our hospital are on heartworm prevention and, if they are, how many doses have been purchased.   It is always eye opening when we get our results. 

You see, we work hard at educating our clients about the risk of heartworm disease in cats.  We know that prevention is the key to keeping cats heartworm free.  We know that heartworm disease in cats is not easily detected.  We know that our area with its heavy mosquito population puts our kitties at a higher risk. We know that heartworm disease in cats is not treatable.  Somehow, we are not translating that information to our clients.  We are failing to be the cat advocates that we want to be.

We could sit on our laurels and be happy that we score higher than the national averages for heartworm compliance. But, we aren’t happy.  63% of our cat clients are not on prevention; 31% do not get the recommended 12 doses a year; only 6% of our clients are protecting their cats as we recommend.  On a national level, only 3% of clients have their cats on year round heartworm protection. 

The product of choice for heartworm prevention in cats at Case is Revolution.  Not only does it protect your cat from heartworm disease but it also protects them against fleas.  Many of our clients counter our concerns about not being on prevention by saying they don’t feel the need to spend the money as their cats are indoors only.  Seemingly, being indoors would put them at a lower risk but statistically, this has not proven to be true.  As we know, mosquitoes do get in our homes (as do fleas) and it only takes one mosquito to infest your cat with this life-threatening disease. 

If your cat is not on heartworm prevention, please talk to our health care team about your pet’s risks.  Right now, we are offering some fantastic rebates on Revolution.  Our pricing is competitive with online pharmacies and we run manufacturers specials often.  If you aren’t a fan on our Facebook page, be sure to like us so that you will get updates on specials being run.  We appreciate you buying your veterinary products from us and we do everything we can to keep the pricing as low as possible.


Help us protect the other 94% of the kitties out there who remain at risk!  

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