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Do you get the good cards?

by Traci Schumacher on Thu, 06/13/2013 - 4:43pm

With Father's Day coming, I have been doing some card shopping. Whenever I shop for cards for specific individuals, I notice that not every card is the right fit for the person in question. Maybe not the right theme, not the right kind of humor, maybe too sweet, maybe not sweet enough. It usually takes a while to find just the “right” card, if possible.

Sometimes the card is very nice, but it just doesn't fit the person or my relationship with them. Some cards are chock full of meaning and sentiment, while others say very little besides a polite “happy birthday” or whatever the occasion. Sure, there are times when the polite card is exactly what I want for somebody. But there are other times when the polite card is what I end up with because nothing else fits the person or the situation.

Maybe I need a bigger card selection. But that just might make my head explode.

So that got me thinking that it would be helpful for everyone to try to be the kind of person who gets the “good” cards. Do I get the good cards?

I think the key to getting the good cards is very basic... Share. Help. Love. Be involved. In doing these things, we will not only get more of the good cards, we will create a lasting legacy of kindness and love for those around us. And we will make card shopping so much easier for those who seek to give us a card. Let's not miss out on the opportunity in this moment to shape our legacy.

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