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Too many stuffed animals... plus one

by Traci Schumacher on Thu, 05/23/2013 - 2:56pm
Happy riding with his new dog!
A small sampling of the stuffed critters who reside in our home.

Our home is being overrun with stuffed animals. Just ask my husband, who has vowed never to buy the kids another stuffed animal. Ever. So this week, of course, I took my youngest to Build-A-Bear where he used his birthday money to buy a new dog. (Sorry, honey!)

I know I had a lot of stuffed animals as a kid, but there was only one of me. With three kids, we multiply times three, and there is definite potential for stuffed chaos. We could use some order, some restraint, some more big plastic boxes to stash them in under the bed.

So what possessed me to enable my little guy to bring home yet another stuffie? Well, he is the youngest, so he has not had as much time as his siblings to acquire cute, fluffy, inanimate critters. He's behind in the game. And he is well aware of the difference between an ordinary stuffed animal and a Build-A-Bear stuffed animal. And it was his birthday money, for goodness sake, and that's what his little heart was set on.

So there we go. Those are my excuses. Next time I complain about all the stuffed animals around here, feel free to remind me that I am at least partially to blame. And if you have any good tips on how to manage our stuffed menagerie, please let me know!

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