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How to have the perfect Mother's Day

by Traci Schumacher on Fri, 05/10/2013 - 11:24am

Okay, moms, here comes our big day... Mother's Day! When my kids were younger I would be filled with anticipation of what this wonderful day would hold. I had such high expectations for my special day. I'm not sure what exactly I wanted to happen, but it should probably resemble a Hallmark commercial or a sappy made for tv movie. No pressure there... for my kids, my husband, or myself!

Not too surprisingly, I had a few years of disappointing Mother's Days. Disappointing only in the sense that I live in the real world where real work must still be done, real kids still disobey, and real other people have agendas of their own. Although it's “my” day, it turns out it's not all about me.

So I've learned to let go of this holiday and the hype for it to be oh-so-special and perfect. I cherish the crafts made by my kids, the hugs and kisses and laughter, the time we spend together. They are simple things. Found often in our everyday life. But maybe Mother's Day is more a time for me to be mindful of them, these simple things, and to remember what a blessing it is to be called “Mom.” Even when it's followed by, “He hit me!”

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