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Being thankful in sickness

by Traci Schumacher on Thu, 05/16/2013 - 11:40am

So my 4-year-old is missing his entire last week of school due to illness. This is sad for multiple reasons. (1) I hate for him not to feel well. (2) It was going to be a fun week and he missed it. (3) It was my last couple of days before summer break and I had plans.

The funny thing about sickness is how it reminds you that all your plans are much more flexible than you might have thought. Schedules usually can be rearranged and activities can be postponed for the most part. The ones that truly must be done manage to get done anyway, somehow, even if it means asking for help.

To me this realization is rather liberating. It is good for me to remember that I am never as bound to my schedule as I may feel at times. Most things are flexible or not even that important. Health issues have a way of producing clarity.

Another thing about the occasional illness is that it reminds me to be oh-so-thankful for my family's regular good health. We have had a couple serious health issues in the past, and yet it is so easy to take our health for granted when everything is “normal” on a daily basis. Every day is a gift, healthy or not, but I am especially thankful for the healthy times.

And so I let my little guy rest on the couch, watch cartoons all day long if he wants, give him plenty to drink and a bit of medicine, hold him when he wants to snuggle, and wait for the bug to run its course. I will be thankful when Healthy returns, and thankful for the lessons of a passing Sickness.

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