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Bed time, books, and brothers... how a competition led to teamwork

by Traci Schumacher on Thu, 05/02/2013 - 9:35pm

There is an ongoing competition in town. Every month the first-graders in my son's class compete to see who can read the most books. They record the books/chapters they read on reading logs. At the end of the month, the child who has read the most books/chapters wins a prize – usually a fun magazine - from the teacher.

My son has won a couple times, but there is one student who usually beats him, and this has my competitive son on a mission. With the dawning of a new month, he is determined. So he spent a lot of time yesterday reading with his sights set on victory.

At bed time last night my husband and I heard our youngest, who shares a room with our first-grader, “reading” a book out loud. When my husband entered the room, our little guy showed him a pile of books, and explained that he was reading for his brother.

I don't know if our 4-year-old came up with the idea or if our 7-year-old recruited him into it, but I appreciate that they were working together regardless. No, those particular books didn't count toward my son's goal, but I do like the teamwork.

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