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Sharing our not-so-picture-perfect family photos

by Traci Schumacher on Mon, 04/08/2013 - 9:30am
Kids in a tree.
Easter kids.

You've probably seen them – or even posted them - on Facebook or other places: the perfect family photos of beautiful, happy people. It's not so much how they are dressed or what they are doing as it is the feeling they give off. It's that “life is good, we're so happy” vibe. And we're so happy for them, and we “like” their pictures every time.

I've managed to pull off a few of these types of pictures from time to time, but this Easter I surrendered to the reality that ours is a quirky bunch. Long gone are the days of trying to dress the children in coordinated, lovely Easter attire that cries out for a photo op, and capturing those winsome expressions of love and happiness. I'm not sure if it was a certain age of awareness my children reached or if it was the addition of child #3 or some combination of things that sent us down this path, but there seems no going back... at least not any time soon.

My 7-year-old son has taken to making goofy faces for nearly every photo. I'll think I have a nice smile, and then at the last second he switches it up. He also likes to dress himself, and doesn't care much about matching his shirt and tie, for example. My 3-year-old is partial to his red Christmas sweater, undaunted by the fact that it's 70-some degrees outside. His face of choice is the tiger face, a scrunched up pirate-like look with claw hands and often a foot held up in the air for some reason. My daughter smiles sweetly unless she's annoyed by her brothers, which happens frequently.

So I've given up trying to have those lovely, perfect Facebook photos. We don't live in a catalog, after all, and sometimes life is quirky. At least ours is. I tell myself that I'm not raising picture-perfect models, but individuals who choose to express themselves in funny ways sometimes. Then I feel liberated instead of frustrated.

While many of our photos may not be exactly lovely, they are definitely entertaining. And they capture a bit of the essence of my little people. And maybe that's what sharing our photos is really about after all.


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