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Discussing screen time with my preschooler

by Traci Schumacher on Mon, 04/29/2013 - 12:50pm

Like many moms, I set limits for the amount of screen time my kids can have each day. My current standard is 30 minutes of computer or video game time per school day, with a bit more allowed on weekends.

So today my 4-year-old played on his favorite website for 15 minutes and then logged off. He asked me how much time he had used, wondering if he could play again later. When I told him he had played for 15 minutes, he said, laughing, “No, I didn't!” He clearly thought I was joking with him, and that he had played for a much shorter time.

Unable to convince him that it truly had been 15 minutes, I tried, “Okay, it was 30 minutes.”

His brain processed my answer for a moment, and then he confidently replied, “Oh, yeah, it was 15 minutes.” And then he was happy with the knowledge that he would be able to play again later. My son may have a distorted sense of time, but he still knows to pick the better number.

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