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A visit to the dentist: good news, bad news

by Traci Schumacher on Wed, 02/06/2013 - 12:19pm

We have started calling my 6-year-old son “Sharkboy” since we discovered a new tooth growing in behind his baby teeth. My son will turn 7 this month, and finds it rather annoying that he has not lost a single tooth yet. So apparently this permanent tooth decided just to slip in behind the baby teeth, which does not seem like a very good idea to me.

Thus, yesterday we went to the dentist (he was due for a check-up anyway). The dentist showed me the x-rays indicating two bottom permanent teeth emerging. Unfortunately, those two teeth will require the space of four baby teeth so the dentist will need to pull the four bottom teeth to make room. Then, she assured me, the permanent teeth will push forward into the proper position.

My son also has two extra permanent teeth waiting to come in on the top. We have known about those for a while, and the dentist reiterated that they will require surgical removal at some point in the future. And, of course, with all this crowding in my son's mouth, we face the certain prospect of braces down the road. Our daughter is also a prime candidate for braces later.

As we left the dentist's office, my son was pretty pleased to know that not only will he soon lose his first tooth, but he will lose four at one time. My daughter predictably fulfilled her sibling duty by protesting, “No fair!”

As for me, I just hope my boy is still happy about it all after the procedure is completed. And I could already feel the money draining out of my wallet into the future to pay for these unruly teeth. Financial planners talk of saving money for retirement and college, but let's not forget saving for oral surgery and braces!

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