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Our car racing results

by Traci Schumacher on Mon, 02/25/2013 - 12:32pm
Happy racers.
My happy Cub Scout.

After all my worry about the Pinewood Derby, it turns out that my kids' cars all placed in the top 5 of their races. Crazy! Having hoped our cars would just run nicely, we were completely surprised by the winning results.

My Cub Scout son designed his unique car in the shape of a bridge or a hollowed out trapezoid. It was shorter than most cars so maybe the compact shape gave it more speed. I don't know. His car came in first in his den, and he will proceed to the next level race.

My daughter's car with a snow leopard on top won first place in the siblings group, and my little guy's painted and stickered car came in fourth place in the same group.

It was fascinating to see all the kids' and adults' creative car designs... from tanks and superheroes to ladybugs and roller skates. And it warmed the heart to see the boys cheering each other on and congratulating each other on their performances. Everyone seemed to have a great time.

My kids are already talking about plans for next year's cars. The downside to winning, of course, is that it certainly will be hard to top this year's performances. But I'm sure the Pinewood Derby will still be a lot of fun!

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