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Going through Advent to get to Christmas, and revamping our Advent calendar along the way

by Traci Schumacher on Wed, 12/04/2013 - 10:25pm
Our Advent calendar
What's in the drawer today?

Counting down the days until Christmas, I have set up our Advent calendar. A gift to us from family, our beautiful wooden box is decorated with a winter animal scene, and its little drawers are numbered for the days before Christmas.

In the past I have hidden little candies or tiny toys in the drawers, but that became more challenging as our family grew. When our third child came along the drawers became far too small, so instead I tucked little notes inside that sent the kids on scavenger hunts around the house for small prizes.

The hunting was fun for the kids, but too much trouble for me... getting small treats for three children, writing the notes, hiding the treats around the house, etc. In my striving to keep Christmas simple, I just didn't want that much extra work. Last year I avoided the hassle, and did not even pull the calendar out of the closet.

This year I am starting a new tradition with the Advent calendar. In each little drawer I place a note with an activity on it to be completed that day. The activities are varied: singing a Christmas carol together as a family, doing a kind deed for someone, reading a special story together, or watching a Christmas movie.

My goal was to come up with memory-makers. A way for our family to actively participate in the spirit of the love and peace and grace of the season. I can't help but think this kind of Advent calendar will have a bigger impact on my kids in their experience of Christmas than hunting for yet another little toy or candy. My hope is that our family will grow in love for one another and for those around us as we reflect on the Love that gave us the great Gift of Christmas.


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