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Our family adventure camping out with the Cub Scouts

by Traci Schumacher on Tue, 10/29/2013 - 9:34am

This weekend our family attended the annual Cub Scout Haunted Trail Camp Out. Beginning Saturday morning and lasting through Sunday afternoon, it was a fun time. The kids chose from a variety of activities such as softball, volleyball, art, chess, hiking, and geology. In the evening there was a Haunted Trail and carnival games. It was truly a good time for the whole family.

Although this was our second year at this event, we still managed to forget a few key items (paper plates, anyone?). And my husband and I marveled over the sheer volume of stuff needed for our family of five to spend a single night in the great outdoors. Camping minimalists we are not. At least not at this point in our lives. For all the planning and packing and stuff involved, it seemed we should have stayed a few more days to make it worth the effort.

The only real problem for our little clan, though, was the chilly temperatures that night, although I seemed to be the only one having trouble sleeping. With a low in the 40's, we bundled up in layers of clothing, sleeping bags, and blankets. But we made it through the night and still had a good time on Sunday, too.

Back home on Sunday, my 4-year-old woke me in the middle of the night because his covers and pillow had fallen off his bed. I rearranged everything and tucked him in again and said goodnight. He said, “Thank you, Mommy. I'm much happier to be at home now.” I smiled and silently agreed as I returned to snuggle back in my own warm bed. It's fun to go camping, but it's great to be home again, too.

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