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Lessons from "Curious George"

by Traci Schumacher on Mon, 10/14/2013 - 10:03am

My two boys absolutely love “Curious George.” My daughter, age 9, is over it. She much prefers to watch “Martha Speaks” (about a talking dog), and gets rather annoyed with the monkey who “doesn't even talk.”

Regardless, we have watched more than our fair share of “Curious George,” and I have begun to draw some conclusions from the show. I hesitate to consider what it means that I am analyzing cartoons now, but whatever.

First, the apparent overarching theme of the series is that curiosity is a good thing and helps us learn. Forget about the proverbial cat that it allegedly took out. Although George has found himself in some tough predicaments. But, curiosity does lead people to discover and understand and learn. So, go and be curious.

Secondly, most mistakes and accidents can be cleaned up or somehow fixed. Very often a “disaster” is not as bad as it may first appear. This is a great encouragement for parents for obvious reasons. It goes along with the idea of not crying over spilled milk. Keep it all in perspective. And be thankful you're not living with a real monkey, which, in case you are, brings me to my final point...

Never leave a monkey unattended. Seriously. Never. I can't count how many mishaps and catastrophes could be avoided if the man in the yellow hat would just keep his monkey under control. Hasn't he learned anything by now? Of course, then we wouldn't have a show to watch, I suppose.

But really, what is that man thinking sometimes? And how can he just roam the city with a loose monkey who is really a chimp, and we all know how dangerous those chimpanzees can be? So many questions. Maybe I'm just too curious.


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