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A Snack Time tradition: no kids allowed

by Traci Schumacher on Tue, 01/22/2013 - 10:53am

The other night my 6-year-old son was apparently having trouble falling asleep (possibly because he was reading by flashlight in his room instead of closing his eyes). He normally does not come out of his room once he's in bed, but this night was different.

It was around 10:30 when he made his appearance in the living room. There sat my husband and me on the couch eating our nightly snack, watching a bit of tv, and chatting about the day. We were busted, caught red-handed with tasty treats.

Now, this is a little habit that we have maintained over the course of our marriage: after the kids are in bed and we've taken care of various odds and ends and can finally settle down for the evening, we have Snack Time. Snack Time is for grown-ups and dogs, and we generally do not mention it around the kids. Our dogs each get some peanut butter in a bone while my husband and I choose our own snacks (cookies or fruit or whatever). Actually it has gotten to the point where the dogs demand Snack Time whether anyone else is ready or not.

Our daughter found out about Snack Time a while back, but hadn't bothered to inform her brothers about it. So our 6-year-old made this new discovery all on his own that night. He approached the couch, assessed the situation and said nonchalantly, “So you two are enjoying a little snack?” Evidently this revelation caused our son to forget why he had come out of his room. My husband gave him a cracker with cheese on it and sent him back to bed.

Later, after all the kids were finally sleeping, I walked down the hallway and noticed a piece of paper sticking out from under our daughter's bedroom door. In my son's handwriting, it read, “Snack[e]s in living room.” I guess he was kindly trying to alert his sister about his new discovery so she might get in on the action!

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