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Battle of the Bakers

Battle of the Bakers

by Dr. Carla Case-... on Mon, 01/28/2013 - 5:56pm

                                         Submitted by Melissa Kilpatrick

                                  Receptionist at Case Veternary Hospital  


Even as an adult, when I’m not feeling well, I want my mom. That is one of the many reasons I support Ronald McDonald House charities. For those who may be unfamiliar with this charity, Ronald McDonald House helps families stay together when a child is ill and hospitalized by offering a private bedroom and bath in a ‘house’ very close to the hospital.  There is a shared living room, kitchen, and play area (usually indoor and out) in every house and some offer additional amenities. In Georgia alone, there are five Ronald McDonald Houses, two of which are in the Atlanta area.

  One of the other reasons I support this charity is because of a boy named TJ. TJ was diagnosed with cancer when he was a young boy. TJ’s family included his mother, step father, and two sisters. Often his family, sometimes just his mother, would need to travel for his treatment. Without Ronald McDonald House charities this would have almost been impossible for them. TJ eventually recovered and lived a somewhat normal life for several years before being diagnosed once again with cancer at the age of eighteen. TJ was adamant that he did not want to put his family or his body through treatment this time and sadly lived only a few more months.

   Because I knew TJ and his family and have had other friends that have needed the services that Ronald McDonald Houses offer, I am participating in the Ronald McDonald House of the Coastal Empire’s Battle of the Bakers. This will be the event’s fourth year and my fourth year participating. Money is raised by bakers through their First Giving donation page and by tasters who pay to come to the event and taste. There is a non professional (home bakers) division and professional division. Participants are urged to make all items from scratch and can participate in one or more categories such as Cookie, Pie/Cobbler/Tart, Pastry, Muffin, Cake, Candy, Brownie, or this year’s featured item – cupcakes. While it’s typical for only service animals to be allowed in a Ronald McDonald House, most cities have boarding facilities if families cannot or do not want to leave their pets at home.

  For additional information about this event, please visit

If you would like to support the Ronald McDonald House of the Coastal Empire through this event, please visit my First Giving donation page at



**We at Case Veterinary Hospital are proud of Melissa and Dr. Erin Allgood for their generosity in supporting this worthwhile cause.  Throughout the year, our employees also collect soda can tabs here at the hospital to raise funds for this charity. **

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