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Remembering Sept. 11

by kgillyard on Tue, 09/11/2012 - 6:58am

11 years ago today was by far one of the most moving moments in American history and even today it is hard to explain to children why such an event could take place.  The children that are able to recall the events at the World Trade Center are now in Middle and High School. But most children today were either too young or not even born yet.

My first reaction would be to tell you to turn off the tv and not exspose children to the over played images of that day. Yet, this may not be the best reaction either. Anisa Grantham of Rincon Recovery Center suggests otherwise for older children.  She and I sat down to talk about what parents could do today to help their children understand how to cope with events of the World Trade Center.

Anisa talked about how it ok to watch the news today with older children (starting around ages 7 or 8) and talk with them. Talk with them about how this is a day to honor the peolpe who lost their lives as well as the those men and women in the military who have been fighting the war on terrorism. This is also an opportunity to discuss that even though bad things happen in our world, we are now safer because of the changes that have been made since 9/11. Also, make sure to point out that the "bad guys" were trying to break apart American, but in fact it brought us more together.








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dealing with the news

I often debate about how much real news to expose my kids to. Part of me wants to shield and protect them from the ugly truth. But, to a certain extent, and at a certain age, I think it is important for them to be aware of such things. I think the key is to have the discussion with them to help them process and understand events in proper context, as Anisa explained.