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By All Means Say Yes!

By All Means Say Yes!

by kgillyard on Wed, 09/19/2012 - 12:23pm

Cleaning is a never ending chore. It always seems like as soon as you are done cleaning, it instantly dirty again. Yet, in the past year or so my kids have taken an interest in helping out. This help was offered, not payed for or used as punishment.  My kids can help cook, vaccum, mop the floors, clean the sinks, and even brush the toliet.

I see it as they want to model things that they see my husband and I do. Sometimes I know that they do it so we can do something with them quicker.  But it is so awesome that they volunteer and at the same time gain life skills. The only thing I would warn you about is that your kids might not exactly do it the way you do at first. Expect to supervise the first several times and even redo it when they are not looking. Yet you need to remember to praise them for the effort they have made.

So take a deep breath and embrace your child's quest for indepence and adventure. Remember you are their first and primary teacher as well as their parents.


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Helping out

That's great that they want to help on their own! My kids help mostly because I assign them chores. Hopefully as they get a little older they will take more initiative in helping out.