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The kid-ification of music (it's not pretty!)

by Traci Schumacher on Mon, 03/12/2012 - 6:58pm

What in the world compels someone to take perfectly good music and “kid-ify” it? You know... where the beat is lightened up, the singer smiles all the way through (you can hear it), and children's voices add echoes and chime in on the chorus.

Our family went to the library this weekend, and my 2-year-old came upon a children's CD that he just had to have for some reason. I suspect it was the cute cartoon animals on the cover that drew him in. I tried to explain that it was music and not a movie, but he still wanted it. Okay, why not, I thought. It's probably fun, right?

Wrong! Sure, the kids like it, but now I am having to endure classic tunes like “Wild Thing” and “Come and Get Your Love” remade in a lilting, bebop-y sounding style they were never intended for. It makes me cringe when I listen to it.

I enjoy these songs in their original forms, but now it is like they have been neutered. And they still don't sound quite right for the kids to sing along... “Every night I'm lyin in bed/ Holdin you close in my dreams/ Thinkin about all the things that we said/ And comin apart at the seams” (from Best of My Love). It's not bad exactly, but, to me, it's a bit creepy.

I have no objection to actual children's music. But I object to remaking mainstream music or classics in this strange “kid style.” What is the point of it anyway? Lyrically, these songs do not relate to a child's world. And if the goal is to enrich my children by exposure to some “classics,” then I would prefer to have them hear the authentic classics, not their watered down cousins.

For now I will endure, and hope that my kiddos soon forget this new CD. Thankfully I can return it to the library, and now I know to be much more careful with my children's music selections!

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