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Rethinking Resolutions

by kgillyard on Sun, 12/30/2012 - 7:29pm

Its that time of the year again, everyone is asking what your New Year Resolution is going to be. Lose weight, stop smoking, read a whole book, clean some forgotten area of the house... they are all great ideas, but lets face it we usually give up after a feer months.

I have a novel idea, well really its not. How about spending the year changing others lives as well as yours. Anne Curry suggested that we should do a random act of kindness for every person killed in Newington. I think of this idea as creating a ripple of kindness. I figure the more lives we touch, quite possibly they will touch others lives as well.

Brother Bill at First Baptist Church of Rincon preached this morning that we should step out of comfort zone this upcoming year and show teach people about Christ. How better to do that than to do a selfless act for another person, just as Christ did for us.

It seems to me that as the end of 2012 we are losing our faith in people and in Christ. Instead of losing our faith how about we actively show it to others. That even though times are tough and it seems that there is we as humans still have some humanity. 

The irony in doing something for someone else is that you will see that it benefits you as well. It also benefits those around you who will see the example that you are setting.


May you all a Blessed New Year!


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